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Yeakel Plays Full Season After Recovery

Yeakel knocks a pass out of Presentation College wide receiver’s hands in October 2018 at Bolstorff Field (Photo by Mike Stetson)

By Zachary Throne

On a gusty fall day in October 2018, the Waldorf and Presentation football teams looked on with silence and worry as the Forest City ambulance drove onto Bolstorff Field.

Freshman safety MaCoy Yeakel laid on ground, unable to stand himself up. His teammates were telling him, “Come on, Yeakel. Let’s go. Get up.”

Soon after, they realized something was wrong. He felt a strange sensation in his neck and he was able to move his arms and legs.

The Britt native discovered at the hospital he suffered a compression-burst fracture third vertebrae during a tackle against Presentation College.

He was in the midst of a stellar freshman season, where he received second-team all-conference honors, while missing the last couple games.

“The doctors told me that one vertebrae lower or higher and I would have been paralyzed in some way,” said Yeakel. “It was truly a blessing that I still had movement in my limbs because I think I speak for everyone in saying that it was a scary moment.”

He spent the next twelve weeks in a neck brace that he had to wear at all times, except when he was sleeping or showering.

Yeakel started rehab around New Years and made progress all of the spring semester. He was unable to play in spring football practices, but he was confident in being ready to play in the fall.

By August 2019, Yeakel was fully cleared for all football activities.

He proceeded to resume where he left the 2018 season: playing like an all-conference player.

“MaCoy started off fall camp a little hesitant, which is totally understandable considering what he went through last year,” said defensive backs assistant Drew Christianson. “Once he got through that mental block, he was back to being the MaCoy we know. He was hitting and balling out.”

Yeakel finished the 2019 season leading the team in interceptions with four. He tied for fifth on the team in total tackles to go along with a fumble recovery.

He earned second-team all-conference honors again as a sophomore, and he is looking to improve going into his junior season.

“I cannot wait for this 2020 season,” said Yeakel. “I want to win a conference ring so bad.”

The Warrior football team had their spring practices cancelled due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are hopeful that they will have a full football season in the fall.