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Winter Fest 2018

By Anuja KC

Waldorf University is back with the Winter Fest week competition 2018. With the unstable and windy weather outside, it is all ready to warm up students in this winter.

Sponsored by Student Senate, Student Life and Participating Students Groups, Winter Fest is one big event of Waldorf University. Along with student groups participating in many different activities and competitions there is also a chance to win great prizes.

“Winter fest is our annual spirit lifter,” said Sharese Hall a member of student life. She added, “There are events put under in the week by different student clubs. Clubs can compete to win and there are prize for first, second and third place winners.”

Dean of students, Jason Ramaker, said, “It is a week long event in winter, where we have different activities for students, something different in the week to energize the campus.” He added, “Groups, clubs or whatever team students are part of, they can participate in each different activity to earn points for their group. And whichever team has more points by the end of the week will get money from student senate like a fundraiser.”

During the week long event, Jason is expecting 20 events from groups. He included on having different winter theme activities outdoor as well as indoor.

Asmita KC, president of WSA, said, “I am very excited for this year’s Winter Fest. I am planning on different fun events to organize as a group and I am very excited for it.” She added, “Winter Fest is a fun event Waldorf organize each year and all the student clubs and groups participate enthusiastically in each activities. I am looking forward for more fun events this year.”

Along with WSA, many other clubs and student organizations are excited to join this event and win the trophy.

Winter fest 2018 starts from February 17 and goes a week long until February 24. Winter fest opens up to all the student groups on campus to participate and win prize for their group.