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Why You Should Vaccinate.

By: Jarod McKee

Vaccination is a touchy topic in this day and age. I’m not here to say one side is right and one side is wrong, but I am going to state why I believe a parent should vaccinate their child.

Vaccinations have become a lot more effective with advancing medical sciences, and with that being said a lot of once feared diseases have became less and less common–some about to go into extinction.

A great example of a disease that was once common and deadly is polio. Since 1988, cases of Polio have decreased 99%. There were over 350,000 cases found in 1988, and as of 2017, only 22 cases have been found. Vaccination is the biggest reason behind these numbers.

Statistics, in my opinion, do not lie when it comes to medical numbers, and statistics show that with a child being vaccinated the chances of the child getting infected are slim to none. There are plenty of other examples of diseases that have been dramatically reduced because of vaccinations.

Most vaccinations are covered by insurance, and in the long run they will financially benefit you. For example, let’s say you don’t vaccinate, and unfortunately later on in life you get small pox. The money you’d spend treating for this disease would higher than the price of just getting vaccinated.

I asked Nurse Mary what she thought of vaccinations, she stated, “I┬áthink it’s very important to get vaccinated to help not spread the disease that is going around.”

I have also been told by multiple people that just about any professional that has a degree in medicine or any medical department will tell you that vaccination is recommended.

I would personally rather listen to professional with PhD’s than people who only like to argue and have no concrete evidence.

There’s a lot more evidence in favor of vaccination than not in favor.