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Watercolor brought to life through the brush of artist David Prehm

David Prehm's watercolor painting "Dawn at Dusk" on display in the Waldorf art gallery. Photo by Karissa Vetsch

David Prehm’s watercolor painting “Dawn at Dusk” on display in the Waldorf art gallery. Photo by Karissa Vetsch

By Karissa Vetsch

David Prehm taught art for 35 years, showing his students both craftsmanship and skill. In January Waldorf College’s art gallery displayed his work. Through his rich Iowa background and love for nature, the viewer can see these themes throughout his works.

Prehm completed his visual arts degree in 1979 and began teaching art at North Scott High School in Eldridge, Iowa. Then moved to teach at Britt High School where he also worked towards his Masters at Mankato State University. He began to show his work and through gaining more opportunities for people to see his work he won many awards.

Prehm has a wide variety of skills and the art pieces displayed in Waldorf College’s Art Gallery show just that.

“I truly love working with clay, stone and metal as much as printmaking and painting,” Prehm said.

After some advice from his mentor, Prehm began to work mostly in watercolors. He experimented quite a bit and got deep into trying to better understand the relationship between paper and watercolor.

The paintings that can be viewed in Waldorf College’s art gallery are focused on the beauty of the moments people often overlook.

One of Prehms featured art pieces is a drawing he once made that he found in his office. The piece is a contour drawing on package paper, titled “Rough around the edges.” The piece reminded Prehm of his former students he stated in a written account found next to the picture. Prehm also draws a connection from the artwork to himself, “a symbol of opportunities to grow.”

Prehm spoke at Waldorf College on January 15, 2016 about his use of watercolors and his skills he has acquired over the years.

“His control over the watercolors is very unique” said Dean Swanson, Waldorf College gallery director.

Prehm hopes to continue painting and showcasing his work for many more years to come.