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Warrior of the Week

By: Bela Ruiz

On the week of Jan. 29th, Taea Regua and Kassandra Castillo were elected as the Warriors of the Week of the Johnson and London freshman dorms here at Waldorf University.

Taea and Kassandra are both freshman at Waldorf and are a part of the women’s wrestling team. Two resident assistants of Johnson and London, Sven Tiedemann and Andrew Murley, saw both of the wrestling girls cleaning an incident that occurred on the first floor. Sven and Andrew saw that these two girls were cleaning a puddle of pee from Johnson’s first floor staircase and immediately awarded them for their good deed.┬áBoth resident assistants made sure that Taea and Kassandra were given credit for their leadership in picking up the mess. With that said, the area coordinator, Sharese Hall, made sure that that this was known to everyone on Waldorf’s campus and said “Congratulations to Johnson and London’s Warrior of the Week for cleaning up a huge mess on their floor.”

Although this wasn’t necessarily a satisfying clean up, Taea and Kassandra felt good about their involvement to keep the floor and building clean. Taea mentioned that, “It felt really good to know that I performed a service that was worthy of warrior of the week, I didn’t think I would get it, we just wanted the smell to go away.” It was the perfect time for the two wrestlers to be noticed by the resident assistants, to say the least.

Being awarded Warrior of the Week is an awesome way to get recognized for good deeds. Taea also shared her thoughts and the benefits if being awarded warrior of the week, “I think Warrior of the Week is a good little insensitive to keep the good deeds going in Johnson and London. It also has its nice little perks with the parking spot and extra study bucks.”