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Waldorf’s Hanson Field House gets New Banners and Decorations

The Waldorf Softball Team banner hangs in the John K. and Luise V. Hanson Fieldhouse. Photo by Leland March

By: Leland March

This school year Waldorf University added new decorations to its field house. The Hanson Field house now has new team banners on the walls inside the gym.

Waldorf University is a school with a successful athletic history, and what better way is there to display such than with new team banners showcasing the athletic department’s achievements from years past? The banners are located on the wall above the Waldorf home team seating section. The banners are a deep purple with white lettering displaying the accolades of Waldorf’s past. The banners include Waldorf’s wrestling teams,  basketball teams, soccer teams, track teams, football team, baseball team, hockey team and volleyball team.

The new banners have also had a effect on the current players representing Waldorf University. Brady Kuchinka, a junior from Lake City, Minnesota and starting point guard for the Waldorf men’s basketball team said, “the banners add a nice touch to the gym. They really stand out and show that we have a history of winners.”

Octavious O’large, a senior from Davenport, Iowa and center for the Waldorf men’s basketball team, also took a liking to the new team banners. O’Large said, “I never really noticed how empty that wall was over there until the school put those banners up. I think they make the gym look a lot more like we have a home court advantage.”

The new team banners are a reminder of the school’s past, and of what’s to come in the future. Alumni can sit and watch games in the Hanson Field House and reminiscence on the success of their former teams.

The banners are just one part of Waldorf’s new decorations. The men’s basketball team will be sporting new uniforms this year. Spectators will have to wait until the team hits the court this winter to see the new jerseys.