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Waldorf to Host First Alcohol Event in School History

By: Joseph Halverson

On Saturday, April 30, from 9:30-12:30 PM, Waldorf will hold the “Senior Sendoff” to say farewell to the Waldorf class of 2022. This event will also be the first time Waldorf will allow consumption of alcohol for students. 

Mathew Pfaltzgraff and Landon Watkins, members of SAC, have organized the event and went through the process of allowing alcohol during a school event. When this event happens, it will be the first time in the school’s 119-year history that alcohol will be a part of a Waldorf event.

Students at Waldorf were emailed about this event earlier this month, letting them know about the event. 

Students were given three options when filling out their RSVP form: “I am 21 and I will be drinking at the event,” “I am 21 and will not be drinking at the event,” and “I am a Senior who is not 21 and I will be attending the event.” Mathew Pfaltzgraff stated the people who are not 21 will be known by the security of the event so they are not served.

As of now, the RSVP has closed due to the catering service needing to know how many drinks to bring. Mathew Pfaltzgraff has stated that if you would like to still RSVP for the event you can contact him by email at, but there will only be around 50 more people allowed. 

Paddler’s Tap, located in Forest City will be catering the drinks for this event. With the type of liquor license Paddler’s Tap has, there will only be certain alcoholic drinks served. These drinks include Busch Light, Coors, Michelob, Trulys, White Claws, Reds and Twisted Teas. Pfaltzgraff stated Henry’s Hard Soda and Summer Shandy’s are also options still being considered as options. Each student will be given four drinks and can only get one drink every 30 minutes.

This event will have several activities during its time. Landon Watkins stated there will be a dance with DJ Jacob Denny, cards, water pong, cornhole, a photo area, and a senior spotlight with presentations and a video from 9:30-10:30 PM. Along with the alcohol, there will also be a chicken nugget bar and sandwich bites.

The event is business casual attire for the students attending.

Not only will this event be the first alcohol event in Waldorf History, but it will also be a trial for the school to see if alcohol events are safe for the future. If this event is successful, possible future events would be serving alcohol at football games inside Bolstorff Field and serving alcohol during school barbecues.

However, Pfaltzgraff and Watkins stated bad behavior by students could end the possibility of alcohol events in the future. Bad behavior includes breaking school property, puking, aggressiveness and violent behavior. 

“Waldorf students don’t take advantage of the vastness of opportunities there are, but this is a 1 and 119 year opportunity for students to be a part of,” Pfaltzgraff said. 

“It’s the one opportunity students get to be free and don’t have to hide their activities behind doors,” said Landon Watkins.

Mathew Pfaltzgraff continually stated the importance and significance of this event.

“Waldorf students can expect to be part of Waldorf History,” Pfaltzgraff said.

If you have any other questions regarding this event, please email Mathew Pfaltzgraff at