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Waldorf sports season schedules change due to COVID-19

Waldorf Warrior bowler, Ryan Swiderski, receiving an award for the 2019 Bowling season. 

By Naomi Alvarez

This fall season has heavily impacted Waldorf students due to COVID-19, and athletes have had to go through some unusual sports schedule changes as well.

College basketball seasons normally start at the end of October or beginning of November, but this season seems as if it will be having a late start.

“I’m frustrated,” junior transfer basketball player Raven Brown stated. “We know that we will have a season, it’s just the season being pushed back from it’s usual start. Everything is still day to day, so we don’t know yet.”

Other Warrior athletes are facing similar concerns in their season this year.

“Our season is cut in half. The number of our tournaments is less too,” bowler Ryan Swiderski said.

Like basketball, the bowling team has had to push back and adjust their season; however, they are expecting a season soon.

“Tournaments are in January now instead of October now,” Swiderski said. “It’s affected bowling because there’s now new tournaments that we haven’t done before and some reoccurring ones that we are unable to compete in this season.”

This is due to lack of finances to travel to back to back games that tend to be in faraway locations, such as Las Vegas and Indianapolis.

“It’s pretty disappointing because that was one of our highlights,” Swiderski expressed.

Many athletes hope they will have the opportunity for their hard work to pay off.

“I also feel like if we might not have a season all my hard work has gone to waste that I have been working towards all summer,” Brown said.