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Waldorf Pup Walkers Club offer lonely animals a bit of friendship

Puppies wait for their turn to play with members of the Waldorf Pup Walkers  club. Photo courtesy Shannon Clark

Puppies wait for their turn to play with members of the Waldorf Pup Walkers club. Photo courtesy Shannon Clark

By Shannon Clark

The Pup Walkers kicked off their 2016 year with a visit to The Humane Society of North Iowa. The club members seemed to enjoy the experience.

On Saturday, Jan. 23, The Pup Walkers ventured to Mason City to see some furry friends. But before seeing the animals, the members were asked to follow a few guidelines.

“We registered as volunteers first, and one of the staff showed us an informational video,” said club member Sydney Sell. “After the video, she gave us a short tour of the shelter and let us walk dogs and play with the cats as we pleased.”

Because staff members are key to a positive experience, the club was hopeful the workers would provide hospitality. Fortunately, the women at The Humane Society of North Iowa did not disappoint. According to Sell, the staff were quite helpful.

“The two staff members we spoke with were very friendly and more than ready to help us out if we had any questions,” said Sell.

Of course, along with the importance of kind staff members, club members affect the atmosphere to a great degree. Making new friends is an unspoken goal of any organization; therefore, respect from all students is necessary.

When asked about her treatment by the other students, Sell describes The Pup Walkers volunteers by saying, “The club members treated me very well, and they made the outing a lot of fun.”

Megan Brandrup, a Waldorf Pup Walkers volunteer, enjoyed her experience and looks forward to participating in the future.

“I would love to go to the shelter again. I’m actually thinking about making it a regular habit,” Brandrup said. “I love helping others in any way that I can.”

Additionally, Brandrup was asked about her thoughts on what, if anything, she would change about the experience if she could.

Brandrup said, “I wouldn’t change anything. I just wish that I could have spent more time there. I also wish I could change the fact that there are so many animals that need safe and happy homes. Overall, I had an amazing experience. I think that more people should join The Pup Walkers, because even just giving the animals affection and attention is so important.”

All in all, the first visit to The Humane Society of North Iowa was a complete success for The Pup Walkers. If anyone would like to join the club or get more information they are welcome to email the president or vice president of the club. Their email addresses are and The leaders and members are happy to accept new animal lovers into the club, and The Pup Walkers are looking forward to returning to The Humane Society of North Iowa.