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Waldorf Photo Submissions

Haley Moklestad, Diana Humble, Shannon Clark, Danica Cheney and Madison Beaupre all hanging out in the Comm. lobby. Photo courtesy Maggie Kretzmann

By Maggie Kretzmann

The Waldorf Marketing department always uses the best photos that depict life on campus: whether it’s at sports games, speaker events, music concerts etc. Most recently however, a photo submission event was opened up to students and faculty to send in their snapshots, have a chance to earn money and get their photos published.

According to Beau Vignes, Director of Marketing, “The Waldorf campus is vibrant, engaging and continually refining itself each year as new students arrive and try to make their own individual mark on the university. Capturing those subtle difference from year to year is often difficult without having a dedicated life photographer on campus every day. The idea for this campaign developed because of a need to document campus life as it is happening, so that we are able to accurately depict the spirit of Waldorf from the students’ perspective.”

In order to submit any photos, they must be Waldorf-related, which includes campus buildings and landscapes, school events, student life, etc. They cannot be cropped, edited, contain any watermarks or be sharpened, and must be in JPEG format with 72 dpi. “We are interested in the photos that inspire us, that make us want to become a part of the Waldorf tradition,” said Vignes, “Of course the elements of design such as composition and color are huge factors, but the feeling of the photograph is integral in our selection process.”

The benefits of participating in this photo submission campaign include getting your photo published and used online, on posters, mailings and to represent Waldorf, but there is also a cash reward, $50 per photo. “Developing an understanding of how to use still imagery to tell a story or to market a feeling is something that can’t be taught but can certainly be learned, and having a little extra dough isn’t such a bad thing for starving college students either,” said a member of the Waldorf marketing team.

“I wanted to have my photos used by the marketing department so I could look back and know that those were my pictures,” said Shannon Clark, “I think people should submit their photos just to see if they could be accepted and could it be a future hobby, plus it’s just fun to get out there and take photos.”