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Waldorf Host Annual Blood Drive

By Tyra Brown

Waldorf University teamed up with the American Red Cross Association to host a blood drive in the Atrium on Tuesday March 27, from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Community members, faculty, students and staff were allowed to participate in this event and were given time schedules of when to come in. There was 44 presenting donors with nine referrals. In the 44 included three power red donors for two RBC’s, and a total of 36 units of bloods donated.

The blood drive is a regular event hosted by Waldorf University , and usually gathers a great turn out. Athletic trainer Pamela Westendorf was among the 44 who gave blood on Tuesday. Her purpose for donating stems for the want to help others and give back “This is my second time giving blood,” Westendorf said. “I gave blood for my first time in November, and I passed out.”

When donating blood, participants have to go through a health history and mini physical exam test before one pint of blood is taken. After the blood is taken, it is scanned into a computer database and is spun in to separate the components such as red cells, platelets, and plasma. Then the blood is sent off to a faculty for additional testing, and is then stored at the faculty until a hospital needs more blood.

“I am very afraid to give blood,” Said Junior Shannon Clark. “But I did it once because I wanted to save lives.”

The American Red Cross Association has started programs to give rewards to those who donate often. There are E-cards, discounts and free t-shirts involved when you sign up to donate blood. Additionally there is community support groups for frequent donors who may need someone to talk to, and also offer pamphlets and brochures for questions people may have.