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Waldorf Esports completes first game with new head coach

Joseph Essen battling in League of Legends

By Tyler Lindsay

Waldorf Esports opened with its first game of the season on Wednesday night against Bradley with a 0-2 defeat.

While that is not the way the Warriors wanted the season opener to turn out, this is their first season as an official varsity Esports team and this could not have been done without the help of the gaming club.

Xaiver Patterson, Waldorf’s Esports team captain, is excited about having the team established, along with a new coach.

“It went from being a club organization to being a dream that really happened, now with us having the arena and a new head coach,” Patterson said. “It was a bit tense and a bit nervous, on the edge of our seats but really excited and hyped and ready to go.” 

James Basta is the new head coach. Basta was a resident in Davis, CA before moving to Forest City. He has 10 years of experience in League of Legends and 6 years in Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering.

“I’m excited to continue the hard work that has already been put in,” Basta said. “It’s been a real example of the phrase ‘jumping in head first,’ with my first official day also overlapping with the first match of the year. It’s only been about 5 days and I feel like I’ve been working for several weeks.”

Despite being a fresh addition, Basta has big plans to the team.

“I want to be able to support this team so that they succeed both academically and competitively,” Basta said.

Basta hopes to help students develop skills that can assist them in their future careers. He also wants to “encourage and support esports related avenues of interest like streaming, media, graphic design, etc.”

“He also wishes to expand the gaming arena by adding more gaming stations and setting up a streaming studio,” Basta said.

Waldorf Esports seems to have a bright future in front of them with a hopeful team and a new aspiring new head coach.

“Great things are happening for Waldorf Esports and we’re all really excited for what’s to come,” Basta said.