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Waldorf College English department collecting Children’s Books to donate to Toys for Tots

Photo courtesy Photopin

Photo courtesy Photopin

By Kevin Moore

This holiday season, the Waldorf College English department is working together with Toys for Tots to help collect children’s books to be donated to families in need.

The English department will have a tree in the Atrium of Waldorf College from Nov. 23 to Dec. 11, and students are encouraged to place an unwrapped book underneath it.

“Purchasing a children’s book to give away is such a simple way of doing so much. You can spread the magic of reading to a child, and help out families that may not have a lot,” said Visiting Assistant English Professor Rebecca McKanna. “We were originally going to hold an event, but ended up deciding that it would be better to have this be an ongoing thing. Hopefully for years to come as well.”

Donations can also be delivered directly to McKanna’s office, but the department would prefer the books be placed around the tree.

A simple children’s book could go a long way in making a families holidays just a little bit brighter. Don’t miss out on being a part of it.