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Waldorf cheerleaders host father-daughter dance

The Waldorf College Father/Daughter Dance had a great turn-out. Photo courtesy Victoria Carra

The Waldorf College Father/Daughter Dance had a great turn-out. Photo courtesy Victoria Carra

By Victoria Carra

On Sunday, Feb. 14, the Waldorf Cheer team helped make some amazing memories for fathers and their daughters. The cheer team organized their first annual father-daughter dance. After weeks of preparation and decorating, Gatsby’s was turned into a pink, girly wonderland for the young guests.

With a room completely booked, the guests found a custom picture frame at each table, party favors and other simple commemorative memorabilia. The event was very well planned and had a full days worth of fun.

First, each guest got a chance to take their pictures in the photo booth. Each “couple” got those photos sent to them to put in their custom picture frames. There was also a very large array of food, such as cupcakes, pinwheels and “cupid floats.”

After pictures were taken, and bellies were filled, it was time to play the first game, which was a version of the newly wed game, but for fathers and daughters. The game began with simple questions, like what is your daughters favorite color. One question that seemed to really stump the little girls was, ‘how old is your dad?’ One little girl even ran over to her dad to try and get him to tell her. The game made for some great memories, and some big laughs.

There was also a dance contest where the cheerleaders crowned winners for the “Twist,” “Whip Nae Nae” and the “Chicken Dance.” As the day started to come to a close and the last slow songs began to play, one father, Jerad Grunzke, had this to say to the cheer coach Dyanna Quisling, “It was awesome. My daughter and I had a lot of fun. You did a fabulous job.
Next year hopefully you have one. I would like to bring my other daughter.”

With the dance being such a success and also a great fundraiser for the cheerleaders, hopefully this will become an annual event as planned.