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Vikings Trump Warriors

Vikings push into Endzone - Photo by Anthony Romualdo

Vikings push into Endzone – Photo by Anthony Romualdo

By: Anthony Romualdo

The Warriors are looking to move forward after a tough loss the Saturday before last against the Valley City Vikings. The Vikings produced 416 yards of total offense beating the Warriors 36-7 and limiting them to 225 yards.

Starting quarterback Hilton Joseph threw for 33 passes completing 18 for a total of 149 yards and 1 touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

Sophomore wide receiver Khalil Walker led the Warriors with 30 yards on four receptions with one touchdown in the last minute of the game.

Defensive line coach and former player for the Warriors, Ebben Mignott, said poor execution of assignments and lack of momentum determined the outcome of the game. “We didn’t execute as a team, and the scoreboard showed it,” said Coach Mignott.

The Warriors will take on the Dakota State Trojans next. The Trojans who defeated the Warriors 36-14 2 weeks ago are coming into this weeks game with a 4-1 record and 1-0 in the conference.

“If we go out and play with a sense of urgency and execute our assignments, we will be victorious.” said Mignott.

Freshman offensive tackle Dion Wilson shares the same perspective as Mignott.

“I feel like our team couldn’t execute the basics on Saturday, and we just got out played. The whole team just needs to focus on playing together and completing the basic tasks, so we can click on all cylinders. We will prepare this week by focusing on the basics and every man doing his job,” said Wilson.