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Valentine’s Day: Smiles 4 Miles

Biology club members at the “Valentine’s Day “event on campus. Photo by Guzel’ Tukhbatullina (From your left: Hannah Ashley, Sara Vettleson-Trutza, Jennet Hojanazarova and Nancy Ibarra-Rangel)

By Anuja KC

With the approaching Valentine’s Day, what would be better than writing a Valentine’s cards for sick children’s and troops who serves the country.

Recently on February 8th, current resident assistant of Jonson and London dorm building, Cassidy Rea Pino, organized Smiles 4 Miles event. The event went form 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. with more than 30 students participating in the event.

“Valentine’s Day is not only for two people who are in love, but it is a festival to spread love to everyone,” said Cassidy.

Cassidy was encouraged to organize this event to spread happiness and love for those who are miles away sick and serving the country.

“To show them that they are loved, that we are thinking about them when they can’t be with their family and loved once on Valentine’s Day is definitely is good deed we all are doing. I am very happy that many students are showing interest in the event and writing cards to both troops and sick children’s, showing their love to them.” Cassidy added.

Not only students made a hand written cards for sick children’s but they also send their valentines message to them through online source.

Asmita KC, an active participant of Smiles 4 Miles said, “I wrote hand written cards and also sent message through online for both troops and for sick children’s for Valentine’s Day.”

“I am really happy that I got this amazing opportunity to show my love to them. I wish we had this kind of events organized often at Waldorf, which helps encourage students to spread more love.”

The event was successful with many Jonson and London residents participating, along with students from other buildings. With the total of
almost 50 cards, all the cards will be send to the children’s hospital and troops before February 14th.