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Two-Sport HS Star Adjusted to College Backup

Dominguez throws a pass during warm-ups in Valley City, ND on Nov. 9, 2019. Photo by Kristine Kingland

By Zach Throne

California-native Ed Dominguez spent his high school and college life focusing on two things: school and sports.

He attended El Monte High School in El Monte, CA for the his sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. He participated in basketball and football.

Dominguez loves the two sports and dedicated all of his non-school energy towards them.

He experienced success in both. Dominguez was a 1,000 point scorer on the basketball court (which is a huge goal of any high school basketball player), and he started at quarterback for two years on the football field.

As his senior year of HS progressed and college approached, he realized that he may not have the pure athleticism needed for college basketball. Standing at a solid 6’2″, he knew he would have to play either point guard or shooting guard. This meant he’d also have to guard his small, but quick opponent.

“I feel very confident in my basketball skills,” said Dominguez, “but I came to grips that it could only take me so far with my short height, for basketball, and lack of lightning quickness.”

This led to Dominguez focusing on a college football career as a quarterback. His strong arm, height and adequate mobility allowed him to be an intriguing prospect to colleges. He gained the attention of Waldorf University, where he chose to attend.

During his time at Waldorf, Dominguez started one game. He was the backup quarterback to All-American Hilton Joseph. Although it was tough for Dominguez to spend a lot of his career on the sidelines, he has no hard feelings and would not change a thing.

“Being a part of such a drastic change in team success was awesome,” said Dominguez, “The QB room we had with Coach Littrell, Bo (Joseph), Logan, Luke and Tyler gave me a group of brothers for life. I loved watching Bo ball out every single week. I love those guys.”

He has also met his best friends at Waldorf, including teammate Eric Flores (who knew each other in high school as well).

“After living with Ed for three years and spending so much time with him, he never complained about playing time,” said Flores. “He just prepared every week like he was going to play, which he did here and there.”

Dominguez has spent the last half-semester at home, due to COVID-19, which he does not mind.

“It sucks not being able to say goodbye to some of my friends, but being home has been awesome for me,” said Dominguez. “Waldorf will always have a special place in my heart, though.”