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Top 10 Thanksgiving Desserts

By Tyler Lindsay

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly, so it is time to start considering what desserts to add to the table. Consider these top 10 Thanksgiving desserts for this year.

10. Chocolate chip cookies 

The chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1930 by Ruth Wakefield. Even though it is nice and sweet to the taste buds and a great treat, it is a little overused around the holiday times

9. Apple pie

One of the most iconic pies around is the apple pie invented in 1381 in England. It is a sweet and tart pie with a nice warm coating of crust and apples to go with it. Again, it is overused around the holiday times.

8. Cheesecake

The first cheesecake was said to be dated around 2000 B.C. with a recipe believed to be made in 230 A.D. This cake is really good for those who like cheese or a sweet, but also tart taste. All different kinds of toppings like chocolate or even fruit can be added to these.

7. Pecan pie 

The first pecan pie was invented in the early 1870s and 1880s, only popping up in Texas cookbooks. This pie is different from others in how it uses pecan nuts as its topping and also how there are mixed nuts included into the pie. For those who are fans of crunchy pies or like mixed nuts, this is a great pie to try.

6. Pumpkin bread 

Pumpkin bread is a fall traditional dessert treat that has a nice smell, but also sweet, dry taste to it. It is usually only baked in the fall since pumpkins are picked during this time. It is a great treat to have with your morning cup of coffee or just throughout the day, but this is also a great treat to serve at the dessert table at Thanksgiving time.

5. Butterscotch pie 

Butterscotch was invented by Samuel Parkinson in 1817 when he first made butterscotch hard candy. When baked properly, this pie has a kind of a cream filling, but is a sweet pie. This would be great for people who have a sweet tooth or likes butterscotch. 

4. Lemon meringue pie 

First made in 1806, lemon meringue started out as a sweet and tart custard. Then the idea expanded to a pie and became very popular, in which it has its own national holiday named Lemon Meringue Pie Day on August 15th. This pie has a sweet and tangy taste, but also a nice smell.

3. Pumpkin pie 

In early 1621, pumpkin pie was created by early American settlers with no crust at the time. The pumpkin pie is one of the most iconic desserts at thanksgiving time with a sweet and warm taste that makes for a good pairing with ice cream. This is an easy pie to make with only needing pumpkin filling and pie crust and an oven to bake it. You can find this pie around any dinner table around Thanksgiving ready to be feasted on.

2. Apple crisp 

The earliest apple crisp to be recorded was in 1924 as a classical dessert dish. There was an early similar dish to this called apple crumble, which represented an apple pie but on-the-go for the soldiers in World War 1. The apple crisp has a crunchy and sweet taste to it due having apples and oatmeal in it. It is also served with ice cream.

  1. French silk pie 

French silk pie was invented in 1951 and is also known as “ice box” pie. Its name comes from the texture of the pie as some of the first pies were filled with pudding. It later moved to mousse to give the crust a sweet taste. This is great for those who like chocolate or sweet pies.