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Top 10 Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Using a skinning technique will allow light to shine through enough to see a design. Photo by Kate Pruitt

By: Lili Flores

Are you tired of the typical triangle eyes and sharp teeth jack-o-lantern? Are you tired of being basic? Do you want to show off your creative side? Well I have got some ideas for you! These are the top ten ideas for decorating your pumpkin this year. 

  • Paint it

The pumpkin is your canvas! There are countless designs you can paint: flowers, faces, animals, stencils/reverse stencils, press prints, matte paint, metalic paint, and much more.


  • Stick items on it

Sticking on items will really add character to the design. Some ideas are: ears, eyes, jewels, feathers, puff balls, bandannas, sticks, wigs and much more.


  • Skin it/Lightly Carve in

Shaving slight carvings into the pumpkin will let light shine through with small, detailed carvings that are difficult to achieve with actual carving.


  • Put pumpkins together

Stringing pumpkins together or stacking them will create different shapes and bodies. You can create caterpillars, cats, or people with the help of paint and props.


  • Buddy up

Doing different characters will create a cute little family, or a well known group.


  • Glow in the dark puffy paint

Glow in the dark puffy paint will shine in the dark of Halloween night.


  • Put candy inside

If you can’t be home on Halloween night, a pumpkin can serve as a cute candy bowl! It can give the effect of the pumpkin throwing up but with candy instead of the traditional pumpkin guts.


  • Bedazzled

Jewels will shine and reflect all of the various lights that will light up the night. It will produce some sparkly bling or even act as a disco ball.


  • Using the stems as noses

Stems can be a cute nose for whatever character you decide to do. It can create creepy witches or cute piglets.


  • Melt Crayons

Just like melted crayons on a canvas, melted crayons on a pumpkin look unique and feel smooth and waxy.