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Top 10 horror video games

By Mitchell Keeran

It’s that time of the year again, fall and Halloween season, which also is the season for the horror genre. Today, we take an in-depth look at the top 10 horror-genre video games you can get nightmares from!

10. “Slender: Eight Pages”

First on our list is Slender Eight Pages. This terrifying free PC game places you first person in the middle of the woods surrounded by darkness and a stalking ghoul known as Slender Man. The object of the game is simple, with a flashlight as your only source of light, you must wander the woods looking for eight pages of warnings of the Slender Man. But watch out, because the tall, faceless Slender Man will be waiting for you at almost every turn you take.

#9 “Alien: Isolation”

This 2014 hit places the icon “Alien” from the popular film series as the main antagonist in this science fiction, action horror game. You control Amanda Ripley aboard a large space station. It’s horror survival in all aspects, by hiding from threats as well as defending yourself against Alien, and even corrupt humans and androids.

#8 “Fatal Frame”

The first in a successful game series, “Fatal Frame” is a horror survivalist game in which the player engages greatly in the paranormal. Controlling a sister searching for her lost older brother, you find yourself in the supposedly haunted Himuro Mansion. The game has a great number of invisible frights, and with the help of a camera, forces you to capture the images of your haunting spirits.

#7 “The Suffering”

“The Suffering” is a third person psychological horror game that takes place in the Abbot State Penitentiary off the coast of Maryland. You control Torque, a man on death row, who’s behind bars when he experiences an earthquake followed by supernatural creatures breaking into the prison and putting everyone inside in great danger. The ending and reveal of his family’s death is dependent on the player’s actions throughout the game.

6. “Outlast”

“Outlast” is a first person game in which you play as Miles Upshur, a freelance journalist who journeys to Lake County, Colorado to investigate a psychiatric hospital. When he is initially warned by a dying SWAT officer that “Variants” had try to kill him, he’s grabbed and pulled into the atrium of the asylum. Survival and escape become the only motives for the player in this crazy horror thriller!

5. “Condemned: Criminal Origins”

Set in the fictional city of Metro, you control an FBI crime scene investigator as you search the accursed buildings of the city. You search for Serial Killer X, while fighting off the crazed and mysterious citizens of Metro head on. The game has a great emphasis on its first person melee combat, puzzle solving and great detailed works of a real crime scene investigator.

4. “Silent Hill 2”

The sequel of this hit game series excels in the display of the monster infested, fictional town of Silent Hill. You play as a man searching for his dead wife, traveling through thick layers of fog and into confrontations with terrifying monsters, such as extraterrestrial’s and Pyramid Head.

3. “Five Nights at Freddy’s”

In this online first person game, you find yourself in an unlikely horror situation. You work as a nightshift security guard at Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizza. Only problem is the animatronics like to wander the premise at night, and try to kill anyone in the restaurant after hours. You have to keep an eye on them, and what parts they wander to, as they grow closer to your location. Eventually when the power runs out, you may come face to face with the killer animatronics.

2. “Resident Evil”

Next is one of the biggest survival horror classics for video games. Resident Evil places you as one of two elite agents who are specially brought in to investigate strange murders at an abandoned mansion in Raccoon City. The graphics and gameplay are stellar, especially for the gamecube device, and the game offers equally terrifying and exciting action as you battle against mutated monsters like zombies and even giant spiders and snakes.

1. “Dead Space”

The top spot on this list is a classic filled with action and horror. A 2008 release, “Dead Space” was the first of a now big game series; a survival horror where you are a space ships engineer fighting his way through an alien infested space ship for survival. The graphics and gameplay are futuristic and stunning, while the aliens and monsters you face are giant and almost too horrifying to even look at. Those aspects alone make this an intense and very fun horror game from beginning to end.

The games listed were based on critical success and actual reviews of being downright scary for people to play. However, it’s always a daring thrill to safely play behind a controller and battle our worst of fears. Hopefully you try out a few of the games listed…but beware.


Do you dare face your fears in front of your face in your TV screen?