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Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Summer


By: Tina Somchit

Summer is approaching. Students are ready for a break, but what is the point of having a break just to stay at home? Here are Top 10 fun things you can do during summer.

10. Fall asleep in a hammock

Young people, especially college students, get sleep deprivation. Summer is the time to get all of that back. Falling asleep in a hammock is relaxing in the summer. The weather is warm, and the wind under the tree will cool you down.

9. Go bug hunting

Nothing is more interesting than seeing insects that were hiding during the winter come out to enjoy the weather with us. Bug hunting is fun, especially with young children that are excited to experience different kinds of creatures in the world.

8. Attend a parade

Summer is the parade season. It bonds communities together. If you are bored of getting candy at the parade, try joining the parade and give away candy to children. It always feels good to be somebody who gives.

7. Go for a picnic

Change it up! Have brunch outside by going for a picnic. You can bring friends and family for a picnic with you. Sitting on the grass, enjoying the weather, and eating are the best feelings that everybody should have in summer.

6. Combine dog walking and shopping

Your dog would love going for a walk with you during the summer. Have you ever thought about going shopping with your dog? You can do your things, and your dog can walk a little longer! Dogs are also the best company when it comes to walking. At least they cannot complain.

5. Go hiking and camping

Sports lovers would love going to hike in the perfect warm weather and spending the night among beautiful nature. It is time to have fun with friends and share the experience with your loved ones.

4. Gardening

Turn your backyard into a little healthy garden where you can grow and watch it. It could be flowers, or even vegetables you can eat after harvesting. This way you can make sure that it is toxin free, fresh and organic.

3. Have a BBQ

All meat lovers are into barbecues. You do not just have fun eating it, but you can also enjoy cooking it with friends and family. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the weather.

2. Go to a waterpark

Going to waterparks in the summer is one of the most amusing activities to do. Water slides bring out the excitement of those who go with an adventurous mind. A good waterpark ticket can be expensive, but you have almost the whole year outside summer to save up for it.

1. Go to a music festival

Everybody loves music of some kind. Going to a music festival gives you a chance to meet new people with the same taste of music. Outdoor concerts are a great way to enjoy weather and music at the same time.

Now you have plans for what to do during summer. I hope you enjoy your break and have fun with the activities I suggested above.