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Top 10 DIY Halloween Costumes

By Maggie Kretzmann

With Halloween approaching in two weeks, many people begin planning what their costume is going to be months ahead. Here is a list of 10 do-it-yourself costumes to help those who have trouble deciding what to wear. Let’s get started!

10. Waldo from Where’s Waldo?

This popular character is easy to replicate for Halloween. A red striped sweater, red beanie and a pair of glasses makes this costume simple and cheap to copy.

9. Student Loans

Looking for something scary to go as for Halloween? Look no further, for student loans are the most terrifying thing a college student deals with! This costume is pretty simple, as all you need is a piece of paper that says “Student Loans” on it. Bonus points for making it look official and if you want it to feel more realistic try jumping out and scaring people.

8. Eleven from Stranger Things

Love sci-fi thrillers and eggos? If you answered yes to the previous question, then do I have a costume for you! Find a pink dress (if it has a collar, the better), a pair of knee-high socks and high tops sneakers and finally either a denim jacket or blue windbreaker would work. Add a box of Eggo waffles to complete the costume.

7. Dwight K. Shrute from The Office

Fact: in order to dress like Dwight, you need a dress shirt, preferably in a neutral or earthy color, a pair of brown dress pants, some dress shoes and a tie to match the shirt. What makes the costume however is the aviator style glasses and parting your hair down the middle. Other accessories include a wrist watch and a briefcase, and just like that, you’re the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin. Bears. Beats. Best costume ever.

6. Dress in the Decades

Fashion trends have gone through a lot over the past 100 years, which offers a lot of options to choose from for costumes, guys and gals alike. You could dress up as a flapper or a gangster from the ’20s, a greaser or a poodle skirt during the ’50s, a hippie from the ’60s & ’70s or you could go all grunge and punk like they did in the ’80s. There’s just so many ideas to pick!

5. Crazy Cat Lady

Wear clothes that you would assume a crazy cat lady would wear, like an old dress of pajamas, and then gather up some stuffed cats and pin them to your outfit- instant crazy cat lady!

4. Jake from State Farm

Who’s this?? This costume idea comes from one of the best insurance commercials of all time. Find a red polo shirt and a pair of khakis and carry around a telephone for added effect.

3. Nickelback

Don’t be alarmed, this costume has nothing to do with the band (who do you guys think I am, some sort of monster??). Not a lot goes into making this costume, which is perfect for those people who wait until the last minute to come up with something. Save up on nickels, and once you have your preferred amount, tape/glue said nickels onto the back of any shirt (a plain colored shirt works best), and there you have it, a perfectly good and punny costume that makes a lot of “cents”! Haha get it? CENTS?

2. Identity Thief

All you need for this costume are name tags. LOTS of name tags. Write down the names of people you love: your friends, family, pets, heck even the names of your enemies. The more names you have, the bigger the identity thief you are. Happy stealing!

1. A Ceiling Fan

Ran out of time to find the perfect costume? Going as a ceiling fan is the perfect last-minute idea! Use a plain colored shirt and on it write “Go ceiling!”, and add a pair of pom poms and you’re the ceiling’s #1 fan!