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The Stolen Fridge of the AAC

On Sept. 10, Branden Woodward’s fridge was stolen, leaving the Waldorf community wondering who stole the fridge from the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) on campus. 

Before Woodward left campus for summer break last school year, he asked Sabrina Parcher, Assistant Director of Academic Achievement, if it were possible for him to store his fridge in her office for the summer so he would not have to pay for on-campus storage. 

After returning to campus, Woodward was too busy to grab the fridge from the AAC for several weeks. Shortly after returning to work, Parcher needed the extra space in her office, so she moved the fridge to the testing area of the ACC. 

Upon moving the fridge, Parcher communicated with Woodward several times, reminding him to pick up his fridge, but he still could not find the time to do so. 

On the morning of Sept. 11, the ACC staff arrived and saw the fridge was gone. Thinking Woodward had finally taken the fridge, the staff did not think twice about it. 

It was not until Woodward came in and told Parcher he still needed to pick up the fridge that he even realized the fridge was missing. 

“My jaw dropped,” said Parcher. “I said, ‘It wasn’t you who took it?’”

This was when they realized the fridge had been stolen. Immediately, Parcher contacted campus facilities and security, neither of which knew what happened. 

After checking security footage and sending out a couple of campus-wide emails, they still never got any tips on who stole the fridge. 

Since then, Woodward has given up hope on getting his fridge back. A bit after the fridge was never returned, he bought another one to replace it. He said if he ever got the fridge back, he would give it to someone on campus who needed one.