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The Hobby Lobby Challenge

Guzel Tuhbatullina tested her talents with the Hobby Lobby Challenge in Mason City, IA. Photo by Guzel Tuhbatullina

By: Danica Cheney

The challenge exploded on Twitter after a user, Kelsey Maggart, tweeted pictures saying, “shooting in hobby lobby is the new thing now am I right”. The post blew up in popularity and now many Twitter users started sharing her photos across other social media platforms as well.

In her photos, Maggart took her model into the floral section in Hobby Lobby and had a photo shoot. Her photos came out looking like they were taken outdoors in a floral garden. After seeing her photos, many people decided to try it themselves.

In light of all the other challenges that teens have been doing lately like the cinnamon and tide pod challenges, there is now a challenge created that isn’t designed to harm the human body.

It all started back in January when Maggart and her friends were searching for the flowery spring feeling. Since she is based in Indiana she knew that Hobby Lobby was the closest thing to the spring feeling with the extended winter we’ve been having and in January, real flowers are next to impossible to find.

One Waldorf University Student, Guzel Tuhbatullina, saw the challenge on Facebook and decided to take a stab at it. Tuhbatullina is a photographer and shares many of her photos on Instagram like Maggart.

“It was a bit awkward because people would pass us by and give us weird looks,” said Tuhbatullina. “It was an interesting experience just to be able to create a different look to something ordinary I guess.”

The new photo challenge gives photographers a new way to channel their creativity. Tuhbatullina was surprised and happy with how her photos turned out and she will be posting them to her iInstagram after she makes a few quick edits.

I think it was a lot of fun,” said Tuhbatullina. “Now all I have to do is post them and see what people think.”