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SWAT Zipline

Zipline was a great way for students to let loose for a while before midterms - SWAT Zipline - Photo by Victoria Carra

Zip lining  was a great way for students to let loose for a while before midterms – Photo by Victoria Carra

By Victoria Carra

The Student Warrior Activities Team, (SWAT), hosted a zip lining and bongo balls event outside the campus center Friday, Sept 30.

With midterms right around the corner, students here at Waldorf University have been stressed and have not been able to find time for fun. SWAT decided to invite a portable zip line and a bongo balls game onto campus to help students be more active. This was an event meant for all students to come out and enjoy themselves.

Sophomore Madison Stenerson found the event to be a good change of pace and a way for her to enjoy herself. “I’m super scared of heights so the whole experience was terrifying at first. It ended up being a lot of fun and a great adrenaline rush. I’m happy my friends convinced me to try it.” Stenerson said. Stenerson is a resident adviser at Waldorf and is very involved on campus.

SWAT plans events year-round to help keep students and faculty active and involved on campus. Cheer leading coach Kalea Wilson, found the event to be exciting as well. “I had been sitting at my desk all day, and it was so boring,” said Wilson, “It feels good to switch it up from my normal routine, and I was able to see and meet some new faces.” Wilson is in her first year coaching at Waldorf, but has been a part of the school for awhile with her husband being the men and women’s soccer coach.

Amanda Aberle, Director of Student Activities, was able to help with getting students ready for the ride. Aberle is also responsible for getting the word out on all of the events. She has been working very hard to make each event unique and fun for as many people as possible.

SWAT also works very closely with Brett Geelan, who runs Waldorf intramurals and recreation. Together, they can plan trips and games and use each other’s connections to find affordable but interesting activities.

SWAT is a group that is always trying new events to help students have a good experience while they are here. In the past, SWAT has brought students to Mankato, Minnesota to go tubing and to the amusement park Valley Fair. SWAT advertises their events using fliers around campus and through the Waldorf email to make sure students know what opportunities are out there for them. Most events are either free or at a discount to students. Coming up this year, SWAT will be having trips to new places and also bringing more events onto campus.