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Surviving the Cold Dungeon of Winter (AKA Iowa Winter)

Winter can be a daunting time if you aren't prepared. Photo courtesy of Photopin

Winter can be a daunting time if you aren’t prepared. Photo courtesy of Photopin

By Molly Maschka

Que the music, winter is coming! Not prepared? Don’t worry. This top ten list will help anyone survive the dreaded cold and windy winter.

1. Winter Apparel:

Includes winter jacket, hats, gloves and scarves. When it gets down below zero, bundle up. Your body will thank you.

2. Winter boots:

Find sturdy boots that will protect your feet against the snow and ice. You can find winter boots at Target, Shopko, Fleet Farm, etc.

3. Emergency Kit:

This kit should be kept in your car in case you get stuck on the roads. The kit should include a flash light, granola bars, blanket and matches.

4. Cases of Water:

Keep one in the house and one in your car.

5. Flashlight:

During strong snow and ice storms, the electricity in our homes can go out in a matter of seconds. Depending on how long the power will be out, keep a flashlight with you to move around the house.

6. Shovel (big and small):

They help remove snow off our driveways and dig our cars out in the school parking lot.

7. Scraper:

Ice loves to stick to our cars. So while you’re warming up your car, use the scraper to remove the ice off the windshield and the back window.

8. Windshield Cover:

It looks like a big blanket for the front window of your car to protect it from the snow and ice.

9. Bottle of Heat:

After filling up with gas in your car, pour the bottle of heat in with the gas. You don’t have to put heat in every time you fill up, but complete this step every few weeks. This will make starting up your car easier, especially on really cold days.

10. Stock up on hot drinks:

Hot chocolate, tea and coffee, so when your stuck inside during a snowstorm, you can kick back, relax and enjoy a nice cup of warmth. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Do you feel ready now? In all reality, surviving an Iowa winter won’t be so bad as long as you have these supplies. Plus, being smart and keeping an eye on the weather will help you survive the cold months ahead. Another big tip is calling 511 to see if there is any closure on the roads.


What is one thing you would recommend as a must have for winter?