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Super Bowl Party in Ormseth Hall

By Brandice Lewis

On February 2, 2020,  at 5:00 p.m., the Ormseth staff, led by Mike Brosenne, Waldorf University’s Director of Intramurals and Recreation and the Ormseth Hall Area Coordinator, kicked off  Super Bowl LIV with a viewing party open to all.

At the event watching there was all you can eat pizza, snacks, beverages, and a variety of games. Game predictions from attendees dictated that that the Kansas City Chiefs would take the win over the San Francisco Forty-Niners. There were still strong opinions in favor of the Forty-Niners, because of the great defensive game they have played all year.

Both teams led a 12-4 season, although the Forty-Niners were third in their division (NFC) and the Chiefs were first in theirs (AFC). 

When asked who would take the win home, Quincy Minor, an Ormseth Resident Assistant, said, “the chiefs will win because no one will be able to stop [quarterback] Patrick Mahomes and [wide receiver] Tyreek Hill. Mahomes will definitely put up better numbers as a quarterback”. 

Thomas Edwards, an Ormseth resident, also believed that the chiefs and their powerful offense would take over and easily win the fifty-fourth Super Bowl. “The Chiefs are winning the Super Bowl. Mahomes will win Most Valuable Player, and the Chiefs offense is definitely more dominant than Forty-Niners offense.”

Both ended up being correct on their overview of how the game would go. 

The result of the game (31-20) was in the Chiefs’ favor.

The first quarter score was 7-3, the Chiefs ahead. However, in the second quarter the Forty-Niners caught up to a score of 10-10. After the half and into the third quarter, the Forty-Niners scored another touchdown and a field goal, bringing the score to 10-20. The team was able to maintain a lead by using their strong defensive line to slow down Mahomes. Finally in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs scored three touchdowns—giving them an additional twenty-one points.

A close game overall, but it all came down to who wanted the win more.