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Students get networking experience with Minnesota Timberwolves

The group getting a one on one tour of the new building. Photo by Victoria Carra.

The group getting a one on one tour of the new building. Photo by Victoria Carra.

By Victoria Carra

On March 30, Intramural/Recreation Director Brett Geelan took Waldorf students Tyra Brown, Damon Helgevold and Victoria Carra up to Minneapolis for the ‘Careers in Sports’ job fair with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The group showed up to the Target Center over three hours early on accident, but what seemed to be a disaster ended up becoming an opportunity.

One of the Timberwolves’ sales associates gave┬áthem a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Mayo Clinic building that is co-owned by the Timberwolves. The tour ended with a Q&A about how to launch their careers in sports. This one-on-one time was a highlight of the experience.

“I really enjoyed the trip as a whole. The job fair, the networking, the tour, and the game, all of it was great,” said Helgevold. “Being able to meet some people who could possibly help me get a job was awesome. It was a great trip and the game was a blast.”

Once the event actually started, there were only about 30 guests in attendance, making it a great experience for networking. The group got to meet with professionals in almost every area of the company such as sales, public relations, broadcasting and many more. This experience was great for the three freshmen, and although they are a little young to be looking for internships and careers, they now have connections that could last a life time.

After the networking event, the group all received tickets to the Timberwolves game.

“Being able to network with people who were once in my position and able to move up in the world has inspired me,” said Brown. “I can’t wait to go again next year and maybe find an internship.”