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Spring Student Art Show

By: Maggie Kretzmann

As the year draws to a close here at Waldorf University, every year there is the annual student art show held at the art gallery located in the CIC. There are multiple art classes taught during the school year, with design and drawing classes held in the fall semester, and painting taught during the spring semester. Dean Swenson is the main and only art professor here on campus, teaching elementary, middle school and high school before joining the teaching staff here.

Students who’ve taken art classes got to pick out their favorite pieces to be hung in the gallery, which opened April 3, 2017 and runs through April 26, 2017. Shannon Clark, a sophomore, was one of the students who took Design during the fall semester of 2016.

“The class itself was really fun, plus we had really great students in there who were super artistic. Dean is a great teacher, and you don’t have to be the most artistic person to be in the class, and it really lets you evaluate how good you are at stuff you didn’t think you were originally.”

One of Clark’s pieces she has up was her favorite piece to work on in Design, which involved her coloring shapes that were cut out, and then forming a completely new object. “We created pieces of paper and moved them around to create a new design, and I created colorful fish for mine,” Clark said.

Junior Haley Moklestad also took art classes, and has been taking them since last year. “What I love about the art classes here are the friends that I’ve made; they’re all great,” said Moklestad.

Again, the art gallery is up until next Wednesday, April 26, so you have time to go check out artwork created by Clark, Moklestad and the other students. There will be a reception for the students involved on April 19 from 5-7 p.m. at the CIC. Clark said, “I recommend art for other students, because before I didn’t find myself to be a particularly creative person, but I took the class, and it really lets you open up and find new talents.”