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Spring Mission Trip

Anne Marie Werthmann, Campus Ministry Coordinator - Spring Mission Trip - Erisha Menon

Anne Marie Werthmann, Waldorf Campus Ministry Coordinator. Photo by Erisha Menon

By Erisha Menon

Picture a spring that could forever transform your life; a spring that propels you into a deeper walk with God. An opportunity to not only know God more but also gives you confidence, leadership skills, and helps to build friendships that last a lifetime.

During Spring break 2016, Waldorf College Campus Ministry is planning a Spring Mission Trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. Students involved will be working for an organization called Camp Restore.

“Camp Restore is a volunteer camp mission that holds around 300 volunteers and they match with other non-profit organizations that need help,” said Anne Marie Werthmann, Waldorf Campus Ministry Coordinator. They house, feed, and equip volunteer groups who help to rebuild family houses, churches, schools, and also community projects. They also provide emotional and spiritual care to those in need.

The volunteers are not only college students but high school students, churches, and others who wants to organize the trip through them.

The daily activities of the trip will be planned based on the interest and skills of the volunteers. After collecting information from volunteers, it will be sent to Camp Restore and they will match the volunteers to groups that have those needs. Volunteer opportunities fall under four themes: environmental, grassroots, human care and construction. Volunteers can help plant trees, work with animals, and visit a nursing home, homeless shelter, or bible school. Volunteers may help to build homes, businesses, and aide in any other needs Camp Restore finds within the area. Volunteers will choose which theme they are most interested in helping and the information will be sent to Camp Restore where they assign individuals to the needed areas.

The volunteers from Waldorf College will be leaving on the Saturday, March 5 and will get back on Sunday, March 13. This one week trip will be a great experience for students who wants to help people.

“The limit for this are 36 people and that includes whoever we are going to need to drive and also depends on how many vehicles we need”, said Werthmann. The group will roughly include 28 students and eight faculty staffs.

When asked what experience can volunteers from Waldorf College expect, Werthmann said she didn’t know for sure because “every trip is different.”

This will be the sixth year for mission trips. The previous trip however was an opportunity to bond together as a group and volunteer to serve to a community. Werthmann also said it would be a good chance to introduce Christ to other people. “Every year we sort of have a different kind of theme depending on what project we end up doing.” This is a chance for students to get to know each other and get off campus to see a different culture, city and area. Volunteers can’t wait to participate it again. Antoine Cummins, one of the volunteer of Waldorf College said that he loves to serve and this is one of the way he does it.