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Snow Tubing

By Ted Langat

On Jan. 28th at 10:00 am, student life took students out to Mount Kato, in Mankato, Minnesota for a snow tubing trip. Most of the students in the bus had not yet experienced snow tubing, making it an exciting bus ride. Arriving there at around 12:00 pm, tags were issued to every student and instructor who went. They were welcomed by the screams of joy and shouting of kids as they were having the time of their life as well.

By the look of the students’ faces, they seemed rather amused and overwhelmed because it was not only a blast for them but cold as well. Some students went to have lunch, and some, without question, went straight for the tube center. After everyone had a tube, they climbed on an escalator that took them to the top of the monstrous hill. Nearly all of the students took selfies once at the top of the mountain-like hill and some even went to the extent of taking videos as they slid down.

It was ecstatic but of course, all fun comes has to come to an end. Cold struck some students’ feet causing them to have the desire to leave. “I haven’t gone tubing before,” freshman Alvise Zennario, from Italy, said, “but the problem is that these gloves don’t hold much heat down the hill.”

There was hot chocolate, with refills, to conclude there trip as a one to remember. At exactly 3:15 pm, all students were rounded up in the bus and we departed for school.