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Sharing the Love

By Shannon Clark

KZOW shared the love on Valentine’s Day by giving away Monsters and several prizes from sponsors.

On Feb. 14, KZOW set up in the atrium for its traditional Valentine’s Day event, but this year’s event stood out from the rest. Unlike years in the past, the managers and marketing director chose to eliminate the Cupid Shuffle, and they raffled off prizes in a unique way.

This year, students participated in the raffle by choosing a heart from a bowl with a colored dot. The dots represented the number of times one could enter a raffle or win a Monster.

“Past Valentine’s Day activities have worked, but we wanted to try something new to break the norm,” WalTV Manager Danica Cheney said.

Another change this year was the addition of a Snapchat geofilter. “Rachael Jordahl created it as part of their marketing group, and it turned out very well. I was very pleased with the colors,” Production Director Alex Burns said.

This year’s event may have been advertised more than years in the past, which led to strong student participation. “We had posters, word of mouth, commercial advertisements, social media posts and a giff, so all the directors worked together to promote the event,” Cheney said.

Teamwork was a major factor for the event to run smoothly. Prior to the event, Marketing Director Diana Humble explained every aspect of the raffle to ensure quality communication. Additionally, during the drawing, several directors and both managers gathered to draw prize winners.

Both managers and a couple directors came together to find local businesses to sponsor the event. The Valentine’s Day sponsors included: Three Oaks Greenhouse & Floral, Scoopy Doo’s, Ay Jalisco, Super Bowl, Forest Theatre, Sally’s and Shopko.

While several sponsors participated in the event, Burns felt additional prizes may have made the event’s success skyrocket. “The event could have improved if we had tried to get more from our sponsors,” Burns said.

The raffle winners were: Hannah Ashley, Amenaghawon Ogvemudia, Alexander Grice, Jennet Hojanazarova, Marques Payne, Destiny Childs, Jacobi Popp, Alaura Couch, Gretchen Burnette, Kelsey Sheldahl,  Kaitlynn Lane and Genevieve Bertram.