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Seven Seniors, Seven Different Paths

By: Leland March

This year the Waldorf men’s basketball team will say goodbye to seven seniors. Its not often that a team has that many four year guys on one team and although they are athletes on the same team they also led different paths.

Eric English and Mike English are brothers from Abotsford, Wisconsin who both plan to go in the criminal justice field. While Eric is still undecided on exactly what he wants to do Mike on the other hand is determined to be a policeman.

Alex Tastad is also a senior from Norway and wants to be a school teacher helping kids learn back home. Jordan Portee is from Columbia, South Carolina and is interested in the psychology field.

Kaden Verdin is a senior from Atwater, California and is also in the criminal justice field but is still undecided as to what he wants to do in the field just yet. Falmata Tula, from Minneapolis is in the business management field and wants to own his own business one day.

Osahen Iduwe is from Benin City, Nigeria and is undecided.

One of the seven players, Alex Tastad wants to be a math teacher for children, Tastad said, “Where I am from the kids need teachers to not only teach them but to guide them in life , I just want to help out how ever I can.”

Jordan Portee is concerned with psychology  and wants to be an executive director of a youth program back home in South Carolina.

Portee said, “I want to help kids in my own city because growing up I seen so many people who could of used that help but, couldn’t get it.”

The seniors of this Waldorf basketball team all seem to be concentrated with helping the youth and their communities back home. As they move on from basketball, they all look to make a different stamp on the world.