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SAPAC creates campus snowball fight

The participants gather for a post-fight hot chocolate

By Austin Siegal

With the stress of school, COVID-19 and winter depression, many Waldorf students just want a break from all the chaos.

SAPAC, a student lead club on campus found the perfect remedy to destress. They put together a large snowball fight outside the campus center for any interested students.

About 40 Waldorf students showed up ready to fight.

“SAPAC is committed to inclusivity among all students regardless of sport, club or activity, as long as you’re a student, you are a part of us,” said Peter Neil, secretary treasure councilman of the club.

The battleground for the snowball fight featured two giant forts on and in the ends, and in the middle of the field, there were four smaller forts for quick cover in the midst of the battle.

The object of the game was a huge battle to capture the flag, and if a player was struck, they had to sprint back to their home base and tag it before they could continue.

“I had some of the most fun I have had in a while,” said Landon Watkins, vice president. “It was nice to just unwind and not worry about school work and just be a kid again.”

The club has quite a few more events panned in the near future. SAPAC is also in the works of producing a show based off of a spin-off from the show “The Bachelor.” It will air toward the end of the semester.