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Retreat: Getting closer to God

Students and staff of Waldorf University at Wartburg seminary Retreat. Photo by Anuja KC

By Anuja KC

Some staff members and students of Waldorf University went to a Wartburg seminary Retreat for two days from February 17th to 19th.

Organized by Waldorf University campus ministry, Wartburg retreat encourages students to devote and reconnect with God.

“We went on a retreat a few months ago with students from University of Iowa and Iowa State University. We tried to create two more retreats in response to some of the things we thought our students needed,” said Antione Cummins, Waldorf University campus ministry coordinator.

“Using the three themes; vocation, discernment and self-care, we came up with two different opportunities for our students.”

Sharese Hall, also a member of resident life, who was a part of Wartburg seminary group added that she had the best experience in the retreat. “It was the perfect amount of time we were there, for the amount of information we received. We did a lot of reflection and discussion on Exodus 3, which helped me to realize God’s call.”

Junior at Waldorf University, Saheed Olaosebikan, who was also involved in the retreat shared his experience.

“I met a lot of new people there. I learned a lot to connect with God. With good food on the table and beautiful mind around me, I am very happy that I was a part of this retreat which helped me to develop and believe in God even more.” Said Olaosebikan “I wish to get involved in more retreats in future and also hope that Waldorf University organizes this kind of opportunity for students often.”

With the end of Wartburg Seminary Retreat, students are now waiting for Luther seminary retreat on April 13. Antione Cummins is expecting more students for Luther seminary and at the end, he added, “Everyone should come and join. After all, it is free.”