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Ready, Set… FILM!

Tyra Brown (left) and Mitchell Keeran (right) shooting scenes for the EFP short film. Photo by Carlos Ruiz

By: Shannon Clark

Waldorf students are merging their talents to create a production they are proud of.

Though the film doesn’t have a title, it does have a compelling plot. In the film, leading characters Mattie, played by Victoria Carra, and Jackson, played by Alex Burns, live in a parallel world in which they are faced to make self-changes to become compatible.

Danica Cheney, an EFP student and the screenwriter for the film, is excited for the new opportunity for herself and her classmates. “I’m anxious to see my words come to life,” Cheney said, “but seeing my EFP classmates direct the different scenes will be fun too.”

While Cheney and the EFP students have created works prior to the short film, this video will present new challenges. “Because it’s a longer film than anything we’ve created in the past, it’ll be a challenge,” Cheney said, “but it’ll be a great learning experience for all of us.”

Carra, also an EFP student, will work on both sides of the camera as talent and a director. While the multitasking presents obstacles, Carra’s main concerns deal with the editing process.

“Because Mattie is the lead role, I’ll be editing scenes where I’m the talent,” Carra said, “which will be tough, since I’m a very critical of myself.”

Regardless of her perfectionist behavior, Carra also has fun in front of the camera. “The biggest challenge will be keeping a straight face during the romantic scenes,” Carra said, “because Alex and I are such good friends.”

Carra is impressed with the cast for the film. “I think all the roles were cast well, and Alex and I work well together both on and off the screen,” Carra said.

The cast and crew plan to shoot several hours of footage over the next few weeks in order to complete the short film by the end of November.