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Pre-Spring Break Bash

By: Victoria Carra

On Wednesday, Mar. 1, 2017 KZOW held a live event called Spring Break Bash in the Atrium.

KZOW set up their booth in the Atrium and started to play tons of music. KZOW does a live event on campus almost every week, giving communications students on air experience, along with adding some fun to a school day. This event had some extra fun involved.

“Students get a chance to talk on the radio and gain experience, and it is really fun as well,” said communications student Alex Burns, “I really like all the hands on experience I get at live events.”

KZOW has a lot of sponsors, which is what helps make all of their contests possible. One contest KZOW did for the event was the Monster Cornhole Challenge. For the game, students could play each other in a game of Cornhole. The player first to receive 11 points wins, and he or she receives a free Monster energy drink. Five students won Monsters in the competition. The winners were Jake Taylor, Jeremy Navarro, Jord Jewell, Trevor Bauer and Olivia Kubis.

“Cornhole or bags, whatever people call it, is a fun contest and gets students to the KZOW booth,” said WalTV programming director, and junior Tyra Brown, “students like being able to listen to music and have a little fun during the school day.”

Along with handing out Monsters, the booth also had free candy, necklaces and a hula hoop contest. The winner of the hula hoop contest was Cassidy Pino with a time of 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Other students had similar times such as 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

KZOW will be having more live evens throughout the school year, with the next one being Night Against Procrastination. The event is March 16 starting at 6 p.m., and it lasts until 2 a.m. in the Luise V. Hanson Library.