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Optimistically looking to help the community


Photo courtesy Photopin

By Karissa Vetsch

A wandering student happened to fall into the first few meetings for the Optimist Club, then held by Jim Boyle and now run by Jacqueline Olson. Ashleigh Stingley, Waldorf senior, the interested student, decided to stick around. The Optimist Club focuses on helping the community. With their projects geared towards children, the Optimist Club is a good way to do something great within the community.

“. . .  Just (helping) from the good of their hearts” Stingley said. “Not doing it for accolades or money.”

At the beginning of the academic year Olson had a booth set up for potential students to check out the Optimist Club at the “Taste of Forest City.” An event that happens at the beginning of every school year to inform students and community members what is available around town and on campus.

“I saw the club at The Taste of Forest City,” said Adam Brinkman, senior at Waldorf College. “I was curious to learn more about it and was happy to find out how much they help people.”

This club has the goal of helping out the community by showcasing it through passionate students. Though this club is still reaching out to gain more members, through their interactive booth and caring current members, be on the look out to see where this club can go.