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One Last Bowl Please

By: Wragner Daceus

The last bowling tournament of the season took place this weekend. The Waldorf warriors competed in the Hoosier Classic over the weekend. What a tournament it was for Waldorf’s very own Roger Harford. Out of 518 competitors Roger Harford placed 13th. Roger Harford is a sophomore from Jacobus, PA. He recorded a 6 game score of 1,310 and a career average of 218.3. He was just shy of receiving all-tournament honors. He was just 23 pins short. What a weekend for him.

The Waldorf warriors finished the tournament in 41st. They knocked down 8,112 pins. Opening day consisted of a score of 5,608 and also a 15 game baker total of approximately 2,504. During the first day the warriors faced difficult lane patterns. “On the first day the men did really well. They finished with only one set of games below 900 on a difficult shot,” said Squires, “our ball reaction held us back and we couldn’t get the carry we needed in vital spots.”

After compiling a score of 1,208 and an average of 201.3 Senior Nicholas Heimerman tied for 55th. According to Squires, Nicholas met his goal for his last regular- season tournament, which was staying above a 200 average. During the second day of the 2-day tournament the Warriors took on a unique lane pattern compared to what they were usually used to.

The Warriors also received contributions from junior Michael Templin, Sophomores Damon Helgevold, Tanner Schmitz and Kyle Swiderski. The Warriors will move on from regular season with what they learned from the tournament.