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No, I’m not a terrorist

On October 25th at 7:00 pm the atrium was filled to the brim with students gathered to watch Zohra Sarwari talk about terrorism in America.
During her speech she talked about the challenges facing Muslims in America right now. As an orthodox Muslim she has faced many challenges in her life that she doesn’t think any one else, who isn’t a Muslim, realizes. She uses her experiences to teach others and spur conversation. Her main goal is to promote tolerance for people of all religions and backgrounds.
When asked how he felt about it Zach Feldt said, “I enjoyed how she talked about how we need to be aware of how we view other cultures.”
Sarwari struck some emotional cords with some of the stories she told. Erica Fee said, “The part that stuck out to me the most was the story about the mother who was killed for wearing a Hijab.”
She was talking about a Muslim mother who took her child to the park and was harassed by and ultimately stabbed by a man who hated her for her religion.
Sarwari spoke about how killing is against their religion and how there are passages in both Qur’aan and the bible that are often taken out of context and used to promote a sinful agenda. And that is the case when it comes to suicide bombings and acts of terrorism in the United States. The Qur’aan specifically says that, “Whoever kills himself with something in this world will be punished with it on the Day of Resurrection.”
Keisha Henry said, “My favorite part was when she said we (Muslims) love Mary more than you because they wear the head scarves.”