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New Drug policy on campus

Karissa Vetch discusses a senate approval for a new drug policy that implements a 50 dollar fine. Photo by Tyra Brown

By Tyra Brown

A new year, comes with new changes. Waldorf University is now actively enforcing a “drug free campus” by fining students $50 if caught smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco on school grounds.

The smoking problem on campus was brought to the attention of Dean of Students, Jason Ramaker by the student body president, Karissa Vetch and Waldorf’s student senate. The senate members encountered many complaints from faculty and staff about smokers and tobacco bottles found around campus.

“Faculty and staff know it’s a smoke free campus, but often see people breaking these rules” said Karissa Vetch. “We allowed the senators to propose a motion on how to fix the problem, and they decided on a fine.”

Senior communications major, Victoria Carra is excited about the updated policy. “Well I am allergic to tobacco, so when someone smokes around me I have the possibility of an asthma attack.” Said Carra. “I had a roommate my freshmen year that used to smoke, and I had to move out because I became so sick from the smell coming off of her clothes.” But, not all students are happy about the change.

“I think it is stupid, it is just another way for the school to make money” said junior Derris Key.

Although the Dean Ramaker sent out a campus wide email and there have been signs posted around campus about the new policy, most students are still unaware of it.

The fine will be enforced by campus security and the students who choose to turn in their peers with picture or video evidence. The fine will be charged to the students account and will increase with each violation. The fine must be paid off before the semester ends.