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New coach, new team: cheer

The Waldorf University Cheer Team and Warrick.

The Waldorf University Cheer Team and Warrick after the first game – Photo by Vickie Carra

By Victoria Carra
The Waldorf Cheerleading team started the year with a confusing email saying that their coach had resigned, and that the school was working on finding a new leader for the upcoming season. The school found Kalea Wilson, who, although has never coached before, has had a lot of experience in cheer and dance. This gave the girls hope for a good competition season to come.

Senior Brinna Rolefson found that she clicked right away with the new coach. Rollefson said, “I am very excited for this season, we have already accomplished more this season than we ever did in the past. Things are a lot more organized and we are working a lot better as a team.”

Along with a new coach, the team has two new captains: Junior Tyra Brown, and Sophomore Victoria Carra. They both aspire to push their teammates and make this a year that the entire school remembers. The captains have been working very close with their new coach to cut new music, make new routines and find new stunts. They are going for a whole new look this year, including getting new uniforms this upcoming competition season.

At the beginning of the season, the team had a dance camp with a retired Minnesota Vikings cheerleader. The team plans to have a stunt camp soon as well helping prepare for competitions. They will also be performing at halftime of each home football game and most home varsity basketball games. “Learning new routines for each game will help push the girls’ skill level and keep them active,” Brown said.

This season will be one that tests the squad, but it will be one that proves that they are capable of throwing stunts and working together to have collegiate level routines. Competition season will begin for the Warriors this coming February.