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Local Woman Wins Tickets to the Super Bowl LII

Karin and Byron Carlson posing with their two Super Bowl LII tickets. Photo by Danica Cheney

By: Danica Cheney

A 63- year-old woman won two Super Bowl tickets after entering the KIMT Big Game Ticket Giveaway partnered with Pritchard Family Auto Group.

Karin Carlson of Forest City, Iowa received a call on the Thursday before the big game and KIMT’s Sports Director, A.J. Ellingson, told her she was chosen as the winner of the Super Bowl LII tickets.

“I was so shocked,” said Carlson. “I didn’t hardly know what to say.”

At first, Carlson didn’t believe what she was hearing, and after she called her husband, Byron, he didn’t want to believe her either.

“I’ll believe you when I see them in your hand,” said Byron Carlson.

The Carlsons had plans to have friends over on that day to watch the Super Bowl together, but plans were going to change once she found out the news. The couple won two tickets that placed them about 30 rows up from the field. Her friends understood, and they headed up to the U.S Bank Stadium.

The couple had gone to a lot of games in the old Metrodome, but they hadn’t seen the US Bank Stadium yet.

“I’d wanted to see the US Bank Stadium,” said Byron Carlson. “Plus, I’ve wanted to go to a super bowl, so the nice thing is that I accomplished two goals with the same trip.”

Another unique fact about the Carlsons is that Karin actually grew up in Central Minnesota only a few miles from where Tom Brady grew up. She has cousins that still live in the area and know Tom Brady’s family.

The contest that Karin entered had over 1,200 entries and her husband, Byron, wonders where else they can try their luck.

“Her luck is better than mine,” said Byron. “I’m thinking the next time the power ball gets really high that we may have to let her buy a ticket.”