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Laziest things college kids do


College students can be very lazy. Photo by Megan Brandrup

By Megan Brandrup

The daily life of a college student can be very hectic and busy. Whether it’s cramming for tests, balancing your education and having a social life and in some cases, even having a job can be very stressful. Naturally, at the end of the day most students just want to relax and watch Netflix for an ungodly amount of time. However, sometimes life gets in the way. Students have learned to adapt though. The following list shows some of the creative ways students have made mundane daily tasks even simpler.

10. Cramming a new role of toilet paper on top of the old one

Going to the bathroom is a hassle, but obviously it is something we all have to do. Don’t even get me started on how hard it is to change the toilet roll! Ugh! Why can’t it just magically beam itself onto the holder?

9. Eating in your bed

It is just so convenient. I mean yes, it doesn’t feel the greatest to sleep on crumbs, but sitting at the table is completely overrated. How am I supposed to watch all of the episodes of “Parks and Rec,” eat ramen and sit at a table all at once? I’m not a magician people.

8. Wearing a baseball cap when you don’t shower

Ok, yes this is kind of gross. In reality though, are college kids really the cleanest people you know anyways? We have to study, do homework, attend classes and make sure my hair looks amazing.  No way, that is way too much work.

7. Wearing your pajamas to class

Again, college kids are obviously not the cleanest people.  When you stay up all night doing homework and only get a few hours of quality sleep, the last thing you want to worry about is picking out an outfit. Besides, it’s much easier to just roll out of bed and grab your books. It saves you time too!

6. Filling the trash and then just making smaller piles of trash

Alright, I will admit it, this is pretty lazy. Taking out garbage is so boring! Why can’t it just be like at home? Where is mom or dad to come take the trash out to the sidewalk, while they just lecture us about how we should be doing it? I personally would take the lecture over actually having to do it myself.

5. Not washing your bedding for the six months you’re away from home

By bedding, I mean your comforter. It’s a little nasty to not wash your sheets for six months. Lets be real though, washing your comforter takes a lot. If it smells okay do you really need to wash it? I only have so much money on my laundry card.

4. Buying disposable plates and cutlery because you are too lazy to do dishes

Doing the dishes sucks… end of story.

3. Re-wearing dirty laundry until you get to go home and wash it

Ok, I mean yes we all do it. If it smells, I am not about to re-wear it though. It is cheaper and easier to do laundry at home than it is at school. If you don’t live too far away from home, it is possible to just wait a while to do laundry. If your family lives farther away, then I feel bad for you. Free laundry is the best laundry!

2. Downloading the TV remote app because you are too lazy to get the remote

Apps are the best thing since sliced bread! Why would you search for the remote when you can just use your phone? Searching through mounds of books and clothes takes up valuable TV watching time!

1. Installing a clap-on light because you are too lazy to get up and shut the lights off

This is the pinnacle of laziness. I have major respect for anyone who takes time to install a clapper! I think every college kid should invest in this. We have all had the battle with our roommate as to who has to get up and turn the light off. This could help save so many roommate relationships.

Not all college kids are at this level of laziness.  However, at one time or another we all have done something so lazy you may be embarrassed to even share it. I will admit I am guilty of a couple of these things. Being a full-time student is a lot of work. Homework, work-study, studying for classes and everything else begins to pile up. Sometimes it is just really nice to do nothing, or at least close to nothing!


What did you think of this list? Is there anything you would add? What is the laziest thing you have ever done? Let me know in the comments section below!