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Join S.W.A.T. and Creative Spirits, learn to paint!

By: Jaci Olson

On Friday, March 21, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. S.W.A.T. (Social Warrior Activity Team) hosted a painting event with Creative Spirits of Forest City. Members of S.W.A.T. and other Waldorf students met in the Atrium to paint. The subject they were painting was a multicolored elephant.

Tina Somchit was one of the painters at the event. She said, “I had never done a painting event like this before. I did enjoy it!” She adds that she used to paint back in Belgium.

Somchit said, “I used liquid watercolors, but I left the whole color set back home. So, I have only painted some for class at Waldorf.”

Somchit explains some challenges of the event. “The most challenging part is to try to copy the original piece. The artist kept moving and it was hard to see what the piece looked like.”

When asked what the most enjoyable part of the event was, Somchit said, “Painting with friends. Although, they can be distracting, it was enjoyable.”

Somchit adds that she does not think she would do an event like this again. She said, “I like painting on my own, creating my own design. I don’t like to follow the pattern they have set up.”

Somchit added, “It was fun overall. S.W.A.T. did a great job putting this together. I would never attend something like this if it wasn’t available at school.”

Karissa Vetsch was also at the event. She added, “SWAT held a Creative Spirits painting event last year in Gatsby’s but attendance was a lot smaller. The paintings were both said to be beginner ones from the Creative Spirits Reps but it is still nerve racking when not a lot of students have a ton of art experience. We always worry about who would be interested in coming to our events if it isn’t catered to both genders as much.”

Vetsch said, “I really enjoyed it despite being nervous the whole time. I love elephants so I really didn’t want to mess it up. I am happy with how mine turned out and I thought Creative Spirits Artist’s did a great job working with us.”

Vetsch added what was most challenging, “The most challenging was seeing what they had done, which looked great and trying to replicate it on my own canvas. I tried to not over think it and just paint and that seemed to be easier. The most fun was seeing how they all turned out at the end because you could hear how nervous everyone was the whole time. It was fun to see the excitement around the room as the painting steps came to an end and people stood back to view their masterpieces.”

When asked if she would ever do an event like this again, Vetsch said, “I personally would sign up for this event and as a part of SWAT I believe we will continue to bring it to campus if students enjoyed it, which it felt like they did!”

Haley Molkestad attended the event as well. She added, “I thought it was very fun and we should have more crafty events like this on campus! It was so much fun painting with friends!”

Keep yourself updated on more S.W.A.T. events this semester.