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Intramurals caps off year with Kickball Tournament

The Toejammers after their tournament win.

By Austin Siegal

With the school year winding down here at Waldorf University, a bunch of students found solace in acting like kids and having fun playing in the kickball tournament held by intramurals director Mike Brosienne. 

The tournament featured four teams and was played in a round robin style with the team with the best record being named the champions of the tournament.

“ It was really fun to just not worry about finals or school work for a few hours and just be a kid again.” said Thomas Edwards, junior student athlete. “As a college athlete you don’t get that often so it’s just nice to get away and have fun.”

The teams featured in the tournament were the Toejammers, led by team captain Slater Gifford (football player), the KND, led by their captain Shandon Hicks (basketball player), the Waldorf Jits, led by team captain Taye Buchanan (football player), and last but not least the Big Ballerz led by Carlos Barrera (track sprinter). The tournament was heavily competitive but ended with the Toejammers coming out on top and earning the championship tee shirts.

“ It was my first championship in any intramural sport and it was exhilarating to finally win.” said Slater Gifford. “I am gonna wear that shirt around everywhere and hold my bragging rights for as long as I can.”

Their path to the championship was anything but easy however. The Toejammers started out their championship run in controversy.

They faced off against Carlos Barreras Big Ballerz which turned out to be quite the rivalry. The Big Ballerz took a big lead half way through the game with a five to zero lead. 

The Toejammers answered with a slew of runs of their own when they scored six unanswered runs headed by a Slater Gifford grand slam. The game came down to the final inning when the Toejammers were able to get the third and final out close to home plate to secure the win eight to seven. 

The next challenge in Toejammers way was the Waldorf Jits. The game turned out to be a defensive stand still with not much scoring happening at all. Both teams struggled to get a run and the game had to go into extra innings to determine the winner.

In the first extra inning, Slater Gifford was able to kick a solo home run and give his team the lead. In the bottom of the inning, The Waldorf Jits were trying anything in their power to get one run to stay alive. That run never came and the Toejammers were able to walk away with a narrow one run victory.

“After we won the second game, I knew we had the tournament in the bag because the team we had to beat in the last game had already lost twice and we were the better team forsure.” said team captain Slater Gifford.

The prediction turned out correct as the Toejammers capped off their championship with a big 6-3 victory to seal the deal.

Overall, the night gave the students a chance to forget about school work and just be kids for one last time.