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Intramural Volleyball

Austin Siegal warms up for “The Golden Chicken Nuggets”

By Brandice Lewis

Every Monday at 9 p.m. in the YMCA gym, the students of Waldorf University come together to participate in intramural volleyball games.

Mike Brosenne, Waldorf University’s Director of Intramurals, Recreation, and the Ormseth Hall Area Coordinator, works to organize a fun tournament.

Austin Siegal, a Waldorf football player and captain of “The Golden Chicken Nuggets,” played intramural volleyball last year, but was just there to have fun.

“We are 2-2,” said Siegal. “We started out really good but had some injuries that cost us some games.”

Unfortunately, they lost their last game before heading into the playoffs, landing them at a lower seed than expected.

Even though the season has not been going as planned, the captain still believes that they can pull through and win the championship.

Abygail Wood, a freshman Waldorf volleyball player also on “The Golden Chicken Nuggets,” agreed with the team captain on how their season was going.

When asked who the strongest players on the team were, Wood said “the MVPs on the team would have to me and Kaitlyn (Bakke, another Waldorf volleyball player) just because we actually know the sport and play it.”

When watching the volleyball games everyone is having fun and enjoying their experience.

“It is a good after-school activity,” said Wood. “Everyone on the team is already in sports, so it’s a fun thing to do at the end of the day.” 

Intramural volleyball happens every Monday evening at 9 p.m. in the Forest City YMCA. Spectators are encouraged to attend.