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If I Stay: Movie Review

By: Molly Maschka

If you are one of those people who cry at romantic or sad movies, then “If I Stay” is the movie to see. The most popular novel, now turned into a major motion picture, premiered at the Forest City Theatre, bringing in people of all ages.

In the movie, Mia (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) must decide if she wants to pursue her life as a cellist at the most prestigious school of Julliard or spend the rest of her life with her rocker musician boyfriend Adam (Jamie Blackley). Unfortunately Mia’s life all comes to abrupt after a car accident that kills her parents and her young brother, leaving Mia in a coma.  Now during an in and out body experience, Mia must decide if she wants to live a life she would never would have wanted without her parents.

I found the movie to be quite a tear jerker. The plot stresses the true meaning of family, showing that family does not include just your parents, grandparents or siblings, but many other individuals. Though they all possess different personalities, in the end they influence you to help define who you are as person. A poignant scene in which Mia describes as the best day of her life with her family really shows how the love just comes out.

Mia’s rocker boyfriend Adam, the love of her life, is played by Jamie Blackley. (FYI girls, when you see Blackley play Adam, you will drool). Their love just seems musical.  Ultimately, it is their love of music that keeps them inseparable. Hopefully these two characters stay together, because it will be a tragedy if they break up.

Yet, there is something about this movie that leaves you with a couple open-ended questions. Throughout the entire movie, Mia is shown experiencing in-and-out of body experiences, deciding whether or not to die or, choose to live a different life. This perspective questions the truth of if the spirit of a person actually leaves the physical body during a traumatic experience. Do we actually leave our body and see the people we love possibly saying goodbye to us? Is there such a thing as ‘going into the light?’

Then, of course, the ending that leaves you totally wanting more. What is going to happen next to Mia? Will she live? How is life going to be different? Is Mia and Adam’s relationship going to last? We will never know until the sequel “Where She Went” comes out. If you are too anxious, maybe it would be best to read the book.

If you are in need of a good cry or movie night, I highly recommended you go see this movie.