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Icepocalypse 2017!

By: Maggie Kretzmann

Iowa is one state that does not let winter weather get in the way of daily activities, but in extreme cases people have no choice but to throw in the towel and close for the day. The snow system that brought freezing drizzle and snow during the early hours of Jan. 16, 2017 was no different.

On Monday, Jan. 16th, the state of Iowa was hit by a major ice storm that left the state at a standstill. Schools, daycares, stores and other businesses had no choice but to close to ensure the safety of residents. Central Iowa was under a freeze warning while the northern half of the state was under a winter weather advisory as ice accumulations were estimated to be around two to four tenths of an inch. Many if not all the schools in northern Iowa were closed for the day, as was NIACC, and even Waldorf University closed at 1:15 that day, which is something that does not happen often. The last time Waldorf closed due to poor weather conditions was Feb. 2nd of 2016. “Our leadership team, along with facilities closely monitors weather conditions to determine if the university should close,” said president Bob Alsop. “We utilize a variety of national and local resources along with our own boots on the ground to make the decision.”

The next day Waldorf campus saw partially covered to completely covered sidewalks by ice making the trip to class slick and unsafe, and causing some students to fall.  Once again, most schools in northern Iowa were cancelled Tuesday due to ice covered roads which made travel unsafe. Facilities usually arrives at 5:00 am to clear off the sidewalks and treat any ice-covered paths, and work throughout the day to keep them cleared. “Get multiple people to put ice salt down at the same time,” said Mikayla Fisher, who fell leaving for class. “It seems like one area gets done, but the other parts of campus don’t.” If you do end up falling down, don’t worry, for you are not alone. Just get up, brush yourself off and continue on your day!