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How to Look Bougee on a Budget

By: Starr George

Being at a university, you meet people from different parts of the world with different fashion senses. Some styles are chic, laid back, athletic and punk rock, but it’s no secret that buying clothes can be expensive. But students at Waldorf University reveal their secrets on how to be bougee while on a budget. 

The Celebrities on social media modeling the latest shoes, clothes, bags, and cars has a very big influence on teens and they tend to think that wearing expensive clothes means that you’re the best.

College students love brands like Gucci, Yeezy’s, Burberry, Nike, Calvin Klein and others, but how many students can afford all these without breaking the bank or their parents’ wallet?

Nonalita Abbot, a freshman at Waldorf University stated that she just wants to look good in clothes that came with killer deals.

“I don’t care about the expensive brands because clothes don’t define a person, but presentation in college is key,” Abbot said. “I shop at retail stores like Rainbow, Shien and Fashion Nova”. 

The art of budget fashion has revolutionized itself over the past few years. Stores now have online platforms that make it even easier for the consumer population. Stores are now able to let you shop in the comfort of your own home and have them delivered to you, often free of charge. 

Loyalty programs, like offered by these retailers, also allow you to gain rewards for shopping with them. Just create an account and save on exclusive deals.

Hobbies like couponing are redefined with apps like Student Beans, a discount platform made for students with endless deals on all the big brands. From technology, to clothing, to books and even movie tickets. 

Cody Hall, another freshman at Waldorf, stated that not everyone has the money to buy expensive clothes. 

“Everyone in college has an expensive taste but their bank account says otherwise,” Hall said. “People can look expensive and live within their means.  I look for quality and I don’t have to break the bank. I shop at places like Footlocker, H&M, Old Navy, Hey Dude and Shoe Carnival. Us guys need to dress to impress.”

These are just a few of the various methods students at Waldorf have devised to stay bougee all- year round and being thrifty at the same time.